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Should I Incorporate?

Incorporation is the creation of a corporation which is a separate legal entity. This entity can have its own assets, debt, revenues, and expenses. A corporation may limit the legal liability of the corporation’s assets. In contrast, an individual who is not incorporated would run their business as an individual, with all net income on their…

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Key and Recent Government Programs

Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) The Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) provides financing for expenses that cannot be avoided or deferred when the business is shutdown during the pandemic.  This program provides interest-free loans of up to $60,000 to small businesses and not-for-profits. If the balance of the loan is repaid on or before December 31st, 2022, businesses…

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Estate Planning

Taxes can have a considerable impact on how much of your wealth you’ll pass on. With some allowances, your assets are deemed to be disposed of upon your death, leaving accumulated capital gains to be taxed in your estate. The tax hit can be substantial.  Wills A will can help you to advance the efforts…

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